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Recent News

19/06/2017Statement on Scientific Engineering Education and Common Training Framework (CTF)
Having taken note of the outcome of the project on `Common Training Principles for Engineers` executed by the European Council of Engineers Chambers (ECEC), the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER) with this statement expresses its views on scientific engineering education and the Common Training Framework (CTF). As our fifty-one leading doctorate-granting universities of science & technology from twenty-six countries are the major providers of scientific engineering education in Europe, we take position on the findings from this project, express our views on the proposed steps forward and present alternative routes.
23/03/2017New momentum for the European Research Area

As representative organisations of European universities and research-performing and -funding institutions, we warmly congratulate the European institutions today on the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, marking the birth of the (present) European Union (EU).
We also wish to express our gratitude and esteem for the unprecedented period of peace and prosperity brought about by the European integration.

16/03/20179th European Convention for Engineering Deans, Directors and Department Heads

Discussing the future of Engineering Education, Research and Innovation on 3-4 April in Munich at the ECED-ULD. 

In fact the University Leadership Dialogue already started with YouTube contributions setting the scene. Don't miss it! Check out the final programme and speaker details. The extended registration deadline is 22/03/2017!

16/03/2017Make the world a better place and realise your dreams - steAAAm it!

NEW on our YouTube channel: Lightweight parts by RWTH Aachen University

Weight is an important factor to save resources in the production of car parts. Plastic parts sink the weight but must be produced on an industrial scale. The Institute of Plastics Processing at the RWTH Aachen University makes it possible to produce lightweight parts at economical prices. Here is how it works.

10/01/2017EU Copyright Reform: Leading Research Groups Call For More Change

CESAER is one of five key European research organisations calling on legislators to modify current EU copyright reform proposals, giving Europe the opportunity to become a global leader in data-driven innovation and research.
In a statement released today, LIBER, CESAER, EUA, LERU and Science Europe — which together represent hundreds of universities, libraries, funders and research performing organisations — say amendments in five main areas are critical if Europe wants to be at the forefront of a prosperous and growing digital society, the vision set out by the European Commission in its strategy for a Digital Single Market.

09/12/2016Long-Term Sustainability (LTS) of Research Infrastructures (RI)
CESAER input into the debate on LTS RI feeding into the preparation and adoption of a dedicated action plan called upon by the Competitiveness Council on 26th May 2016.


Kasteelpark Arenberg 1
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Tel: +32 16 32 16 87
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E-mail: info@cesaer.org

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