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More Strategy, Higher quality


The Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER) with its Paper on the Successor of Erasmus+ presents its advice for the successor of Erasmus+. Based on the intense collaboration of our Member universities of science & technology with other academic institutions, business, industry, public services and citizens, and their strong culture of entrepreneurship, CESAER advises the European Union (EU) to:

  • demonstrate ambition, assume strong leadership and look beyond itself to realise knowledge societies and contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals;
  • take responsibility, provide new momentum, dynamism and equity to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and establish the successor of Erasmus+ as the instrument to its implementation;
  • safeguard the necessary boundary conditions for the free circulation of knowledge and its bearers, academic freedom and institutional autonomy in Europe and beyond;
  • bring education and research closer together through stronger links between the EHEA and European Research Area (ERA);
  • introduce an EHEA TOP-UP intervention scheme whereby the EU would fund additional activities of excellent higher education projects selected and funded at national level;
  • establish a new and uniform ethical, legal and financial framework for association to the successor of Erasmus+ to any industrialised country allowing for the direct participation of institutions, scientists and innovators from such associated countries;
  • establish Sounding Boards per (sub-) action involving university staff to collect feedback on and suggestions for programme management, administration and implementation;
  • increase the strategic value of the successor of Erasmus+ and the budget for centralised actions in order to implement institutional development strategies in a context of trust and confidence allowing for less burdensome auditing;
  • centralise all Key Action 2 to create a level playing field at European level and beyond, guaranteeing quality and participation across member states and partner countries;
  • re-introduce intensive programmes and curriculum development as part of the successor of Erasmus+ and manage this Sub-Action at European level;
  • extend the contracts for Joint Programmes to five years;
  • increase the budget for higher education cooperation in neighbourhood policy and capacity building, reimburse real costs, allow for the purchasing of equipment on the EU side and - importantly - reintroduce overheads;
  • use Jean Monnet to reach out to larger groups within universities and beyond, in creative ways beyond typical classwork, on topics related to European integration, history, citizenship, democracy and human rights, mass media and communication;
  • use Erasmus students as ambassadors for European values and actively involve them in such initiatives mentioned above to strengthen the European idea and increase inter-cultural understanding and openness;
  • innovate the dissemination and communication efforts on projects results, e.g. television, social media and video clips.

For more information and enquiries, please contact our Secretary General David Bohmert at david.bohmert@cesaer.org.



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