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The Munich Message


The 9th European Convention for Engineering Deans, Department Heads and Directors (ECED3 2017) was hosted by the Technical University of Munich from the 3rd to the 4th of April 2017. ECED3 is the European networking event of the year for the leaders of engineering education institutions. The convention is organized by CESAER and SEFI and brings together leaders to discuss current issues and trends in engineering education and research.

This convention paper is intended for both internal and external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders are colleagues and leaders of engineering education and research, whom we would like to include in our community of leadership dialogue and use this as a basis for further development. External stakeholders are policy makers, who are responsible for the legislative framework of engineering education and research – and also to a large extent its funding. In addition, ranking civil servants and administrators are considered as external stakeholders with whom we would like to have continuous discussions based on this document.

At its conclusion, ECED 2017 produced a list of three focal points as a first draft of this paper – the Munich Message. The draft was subsequently revised by members of SEFI and CESAER, and it is presented here as a set of statements, that are true to the output of the Convention. The Munich Message is focused on three issues:

  • Schools of Engineering face major challenges in teaching and research!
  • Accredita on of study programs must respect its limits!
  • Governance structures at universi es present major challenges!

Read the full paper

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