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Task Force EU Funding Instruments (TFEUFI)


The TFEUFI aims at realising the following objectives:

  • effectively and efficiently safeguard the interests of our Members in the interim evaluations of the EU funding instruments from 2014-2020 and in shaping of the EU funding instruments from 2021 onwards
  • act as a pool of experts to proactively influence the European funding instruments and react flexibly and rapidly on requests from the European institutions feeding into the decision-making by the Board of Directors
  • learn from each other through sharing experiences, identifying best practices and providing guidance in influencing Brussels amongst TFEUFI and (other) Belgium-based representatives of Members and share them among our Members
  • express and reinforce a distinct voice of universities of science & technology through organising visits to the European institutions and organising meetings in Brussels

The TFEUFI undertakes the following activities:

  • convene three per year preferably one and a half month prior to a meeting of Board
  • draft, revise input, statements and positions feeding into the decision-making by the Board
  • comment on input, statements and positions from other task forces
  • organise meetings in Brussels
  • visit European institutions
  • report on its work on an annual basis

For more information, please contact the TFEUFI Chair David Bohmert (Secretary General).

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