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Task Force International Cooperation (TFIC)


The TFIC aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • learn from each other through sharing experiences, identifying best practice and providing guidance concerning:
  1. effectiveness of inter-institutional cooperation agreements
  2. solutions to cope with different tuition fees in student exchange
  3. exchange and cooperation with regard to PhDs and postdocs
  4. structured programmes for visiting professors and other staff members
  5. enabling mechanisms of joint research
  6. concepts for lifelong learning
  7. relevance of MOOCs

These activities are also targeted at increasing the visibility of science & technology education.

  • act as a pool of experts to proactively influence European policies in international cooperation in higher education, research and innovation and react flexibly and rapidly to requests from European institutions feeding into decision-making by the Board of Directors
  • identify possibilities to support and foster attractive cooperation with developing countries in higher education and research
  • impart UN Sustainable Development Goals into the science & technolgoy education and practice, and also encourage its adoption in European policies directed towards higher education, research and in collaborations arranged with partner countries

The TFIC undertakes the following general activities:

  • convene twice per year, preferably en marge of a meeting of the Board and the CESAER Annual Meetings
  • draft, revise and comment on statements feeding into the Board
  • carry out surveys amongst the Members and summarise conclusions and recommendations in a report
  • identify areas for targeted actions, e.g. establish a focus group of post-docs as a specific group with high potential and demand for internationalisation; this will be addressed in close cooperation with the Task Force Human Resources (e.g. by organising a joint workshop)
  • organise one workshop per year open to other Members (preferably in conjunction with TFIC meetings)
  • annually report on its activities

For more information, please contact the TFIC Co-Chairs Monika Sester (Leibniz Universität Hannover) and Ravi Thampi (UCD) and the TFIC Secretary Lieve Coninx (CESAER Secretariat).

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