Knowledge and Staff Exchange

Knowledge and Staff Exchange is a programme offering short-term personal, professional and institutional development opportunities open to all support staff from all backgrounds and career stages from our Member universities. It aims at inspiring staff and universities to gain additional skills and discover new ideas.

Both in-person knowledge and staff exchange (i.e. physical mobility) or online knowledge and staff exchange (e.g. digital mobility) is encouraged.

The programme aims at three sorts of benefits:

  1. personal development in terms of knowledge acquisition, skills development and international networking;
  2. professional development by identifying differences and similarities with comparable job profiles and practices at another Member and by learning from each other through the exchange of views and best practices;
  3. Institutional development through capacity building and benchmarking aimed at improving the quality of professional information and services to students and staff and at embracing a genuinely international culture and outlook of the own institution.

How to learn more and next steps

Our Knowledge and Staff Exchange programme is coordinated through our exclusive Members-only Extranet. Any interested staff from our Member universities are invited and encouraged to register for the Extranet (it's free), and all you need is an email address connected to one of our Member universities.

To learn more about the Knowledge and Staff Exchange programme, please follow these two simple steps. If you already have login details for the Extranet, then go directly to step 2.

  1. Register for the Extranet:
  2. Go to the dedicated Knowledge and Staff Exchange page

CESAER Professional Week 2021

To join our association's flagship knowledge and staff exchange event - the CESAER Professional Week - please first register for the Extranet as described above under 'How to learn more and next steps', and then click on the following link:

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