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Mission, scope and objectives

The Task Force Mobility will promote trust and cooperation amongst our Members to assure recognition of credits and degrees for student mobility (Lisbon Convention) and more opportunities for joint, double and dual degrees, possibly drawing on the experiences of smaller TU associations and with a view on European Universities.

The Task Force Mobility will realise the following objectives:

  1. collaborate closely with relevant academic and societal players such as the European Commission and other university associations;
  2. gather resources, mechanisms and tools on recognition of credits and degrees, promotion of joint, double and dual degrees and make these accessible through a workshop and training and within our ‘Knowledge Base’;
  3. promote talent - i.e. researchers, teachers, support staff and leaders - through sharing best practice and organising events;
  4. collect, analyse and disseminate practices to provide guidance to our Members and improve mobility amongst universities of science and technology.

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