Activities and benefits

Our association carries out the following activities directly or indirectly connected with our five aims :

  • share experiences, identify best practice and provide guidance
  • deploy task forces and (ad hoc) committees
  • organise events, such as meetings, workshops and conferences
  • monitor European policies and programmes and inform the Members about them
  • undertake consultations and surveys amongst Members and define, voice and represent their collective interests and contributions
  • publish press releases, input, statements and papers
  • liaise with European institutions and other stakeholders
  • support communication of the Members in Europe and beyond
  • liaise with the Members and encourage the embedding of activities within the institutions
  • improve the functioning of our Association

We provide the following benefits to our Members:

  • unrivalled access to & exchange with networks of staff in like-minded institutions
  • connections to and influence on wide range of stakeholders, including policy-makers, politicians and funders
  • direct support to take forward specific collaborative activities and initiatives which strengthen our collective position in relation to learning and teaching, research excellence and innovation, leadership, and strategic influence
  • creating influential voice on behalf of Members, which takes account of range of needs and positions
  • collective representation on key issues to senior policy-makers and funders at heart of (European) decision-making, enabling us to lobby and influence effectively as group, and which also provides support where required for national representations
  • delivering effective, efficient and supportive membership organisation
  • offering attractive range and programme of events

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