Activities and benefits

The aims of the Association will be achieved by the following activities:

  • Monitor European strategies, policies and programmes and inform Members;
  • Undertake consultations and surveys amongst Members and represent and advocate their collective interests;
  • Publish inputs, positions, white papers and press releases;
  • Liaise with European institutions and other stakeholders;
  • Share experiences, identify best practice and provide guidance;
  • Establish and empower committees, task forces and workgroups;
  • Organise events, such as meetings, workshops and conferences;
  • Support Members’ communication and outreach activities in Europe and beyond;
  • Engage with Members and encourage active participation in the work of the Association.

Activities are described in Article 3 of our Articles of Association.

We provide the following benefits to our Members:

  • A strong and united voice of universities of science and technology in Europe, taking into account a range of needs and positions;
  • Collective and acknowledged representation, connections and advocacy on key issues such as the European Research, Education and Innovation Areas, and the EU funding programmes to senior policymakers, politicians and funders at the heart of European decision-making;
  • Privileged access to and exchange with leaders, experts and volunteers from leading universities of science and technology;
  • Amplified efforts and impact at regional and national levels through international best practice by the collective of Members;
  • Opportunities to set agendas, inspire and pave the way for developments shaping knowledge societies for a sustainable future;
  • Support to positioning leaders and experts of Members at the European level;
  • Access to intelligence and resources in the Extranet exclusively for Members;
  • Participation in a range of bodies that strengthen Members’ expertise in learning and teaching, excellent research and innovation, leadership, and strategic influence;
  • Being part of a network of peer leading, research-intensive universities of science and technology fostering and multiplying cooperation, including learning and teaching, excellent research and innovation, and infrastructures;
  • Attractive range and programme of events such as CESAER Annual Meetings and workshops every year;
  • Collective safeguarding of scientific integrity, academic freedom and institutional autonomy;
  • Inclusive and respectful working environment that celebrates equality and diversity;
  • Sharing of best practice and tailored benchmarking data between Members from various data sources and surveys;
  • Exclusive access to dedicated training;
  • Stewardship and professional support from the Secretariat.

Benefits are described in Ad Article 4 of our Internal Regulations.

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