Mission, aims and values

We are the European association of leading specialised and comprehensive universities of science and technology that: champion excellence in higher education, training, research and innovation; influence debate; contribute to the realisation of open knowledge societies; and, deliver significant scientific, economic, social and societal impact.

Our mission is structured around five aims:

  1. Amplify impact of our advocacy
    Aid policymakers and funders shaping European strategies, policies and funding programmes for research, education, innovation and university leadership;
  2. Deepen learning from each other
    Share intelligence, knowledge and best practice in research, education, innovation and university leadership;
  3. Safeguard sustainable funding
    Advocate and shape sustainable competitive and non-competitive funding streams to our Members form different sources at various levels;
  4. Get our strengths recognised globally
    Support Members in displaying their excellence and distinctiveness in Europe and beyond;
  5. Lead debate on key issues
    Advance reflection and understanding of the role of science and technology in knowledge societies for a sustainable future.

We adhere to the following values:

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