Structure, Articles of Association and Internal Regulations

The association is organised and structured as follows:

  • The General Assembly is the highest decision making body and supervises the association in accordance with the Articles of Association. It is composed of Delegates from the Members and chaired by the President. The General Assembly convenes once a year for an ordinary meeting.
  • The association is governed by the Board consisting of Directors which are elected from amongst the Members. The Board enacts the decisions of the General Assembly and is vested with the widest powers with regard to the steering of the association not reserved for the General Assembly. It is composed of at least nine Directors, excluding the President who chairs its meetings.
  • The Presidency is composed of the President and Vice Presidents. One of the Vice Presidents acts as Treasurer. The Presidency is responsible for the ongoing affairs of the association and the preparation and implementation of the decisions by the General Assembly and the Board.
  • The task forces are essential in (i) identifying the challenges of and pressures on our Members, (ii) including our Members in the priority-setting and (iii) carrying out the activities of the association. They provide our Members with opportunities along our aims and benefits.
  • The Secretariat ensures the execution and implementation of the decisions by the General Assembly, the Board and the Presidency and manages the daily operation of the association. The Secretary General leads the Secretariat.

The functioning of our association is governed by our:

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