Board of Directors

  • Start date: 01-01-1990
  • End date: 31-12-2030
  • Type: Governing
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Mission, scope and objectives

The Association is governed by a Board consisting of Directors which are elected natural persons employed by the Members. The Board enacts the decisions of the General Assembly and is vested with the widest powers with regard to the steering of the Association not reserved for the General Assembly. It is composed of at least nine Directors, excluding the President who chairs its meetings.


  • Guillermo Cisneros Perez - Director
  • Jennifer Herek - Director
  • Ronald Tetzlaff - Director
  • Mihnea Costoiu - Director
  • Mikael Östling - Director
  • Toril Hernes - Director
  • Justyna Szostak - Director
  • Karine Samuel - Director
  • Katharina Füglister - Director
  • Roberto Zanino - Director
  • Tim Bedford - Director
  • Orla Feely - President
  • Mattias Björnmalm - Secretary

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