A call for suitable assessment to interdisciplinary research

Our association has joined forces with Science Europe, EUA and UNICA to support interdisciplinary research in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe.
13th January 2022
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Following our Open letter with recommendations on effective funding for inter- and transdisciplinary research, our association has joined forces with ScienceEurope, EUA and UNICA to again emphasised the vital importance of supporting inter- and transdisciplinary research.

The current evaluation of research proposals and corresponding guidelines for evaluators are mainly designed and applied alongside discipline-specific approaches and processes. They do not seem to be well attuned to the specificities of inter- and trans-disciplinary research projects and their application often reduces the success of interdisciplinary projects when competing for funding.

Assessment methodology and reward schemes for researchers are mostly discipline-based and do not sufficiently reward inter- and trans-disciplinary efforts. The performance of researchers and the success of research projects are still often measured by highly cited publications in ‘high impact’ journals, which is a narrow form of outcome and poorly captures the full impact of research (for more information see DORA declaration https://sfdora.org/read/). The diversification of research assessment criteria is an important step in enabling inter- and trans-disciplinarity.

Science Europe, EUA, CESAER and UNICA want to encourage the establishment of mixed assessment panels with experts in inter-and trans-disciplinary research. It is important to make sure that experts representing all disciplines covered within a project application participate in all assessment stages to ensure that their input has equal weight and to stimulate familiarisation with inter- and trans-disciplinary research.

Read the full text and endorse the idea on the conference platform.

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