Advanced Talents Day 2022: Shaping the future landscape for research careers

On 22 August, our Deputy Secretary General Mattias Björnmalm contributed to the Advanced Talents Day 2022 at RWTH Aachen, speaking on Science Communication and Research Assessment as a Key in Career Planning.
31st August 2022
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The Advanced Talents Day 2022 hosted by our Member, RWTH Aachen, on 22 August focused on developments in science communication, self-marketing and current research assessment reforms regarding the career path to a professorship.

The event provided an opportunity for primarily (early-career) researchers who are pursuing a professorship to obtain information about various career paths and strategies, to participate in discussions and Q&A sessions and to network with other researchers.

Our association’s Deputy Secretary General, Mattias Björnmalm, addressed the event on the theme of ‘shaping the future landscape for research careers’, noting that this issue is high on our agenda:

“There is now a unique momentum and coalescence of focus from key players - ranging from the individual researchers, through the institutional level to the political level… The time is, therefore, right for action at all these levels, and those who seize this moment will help shape the future landscape for research careers”

A copy of the presentation can be found below:



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Photo copyright: Heike Lachmann

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