Advancing global research security: insights from the multilateral dialogue on principles and values in international research & innovation cooperation

CESAER joined forces with the governments of United States, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, as well as the International Science Council and the European Commission to organise a workshop on research security in the context of global cooperation under increasing geopolitical tensions. The report is now available!
11th December 2023
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The multilateral dialogue on values and principles for research and innovation, launched by the European Commission in July 2022, seeks to foster open discussions among EU member states, more than thirty key partner countries, stakeholder groups, and international organisations. The aim is to develop a mutual understanding of these principles and values, establishing a reliable basis for international cooperation in research and innovation. A series of workshops has been undertaken as part of this initiative.

The seventh workshop of the series, held on 7 December 2023, focused on research security. Alongside the governments of the United States, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, as well as the International Science Council and the European Commission, CESAER contributed to the organisation of this workshop and actively contributed to its smooth running on the day.

While invitation-only and under Chatham House rule, a public report of this workshop is now available. Discover the report here.

Irna van der Molen (University of Twente and lead author of the white paper ‘Keeping science open?’) and Justine Moynat (Secretariat) served as note-takers, and their work constituted a basis for the report of this workshop . Mattias Björnmalm (Secretariat), Louise Drogoul (Secretariat) and Sophie Ratcliff (Secretariat) moderated different breakout rooms and shared key messages discussed by the participants.

The workshop allowed participants from all over the world to discuss distinctions and commonalities in the conceptualisation and application of research security in their different national contexts. In this three-hour workshop, participants explored each two of the three following themes in breakout rooms: (1) conceptualisation of research security, (2) application of research security measures/policies by national governments and national funding agencies and (3) the role of research institutions in managing and mitigating risks.

This article has been updated on 26 February 2024, and now includes the report of the workshop.

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