Advancing leadership at European level and beyond by women rectors of technical universities

We report from two webinars organised on 13 and 27 April by the European Women Rectors ​Association (EWORA), with support from our association and our Task Force Human Resources.
3rd July 2023
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The power of science & technology to transform society, for better and for worse, has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout history.

Universities of science & technology have specific roles and responsibilities related to advancing developments in science & technology, and ensuring these are for the benefit of humankind. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) provides a human-centric framework, foundational for this endeavour, as it enables more meaningful and deeper engagement with all of society.

At the same time and for a range of reasons, including historical ones, universities of science & technology have often not been ‘best-in-class’ in DEI in general, and in the promotion of women leadership in specific. Overcoming this shortcoming is therefore important to support universities of science & technology to assume their societal roles and responsibilities, and to boost their contributions to society.

The European Women Rectors Association (EWORA) supported by CESAER organised two public webinars on ‘Advancing leadership at European level and beyond by women rectors of technical universities’.

These webinars were intended to help analyse cases, define barriers and create solutions to encourage younger generations to run for top leadership position in universities of science & technology in Europe, and beyond.

For more information, please contact Secretary General Mattias Björnmalm.

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13 April

27 April

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