Shape knowledge societies in Europe and beyond for a sustainable future: Annual Report 2021

Our Annual Report 2021 summarises our efforts to shape knowledge societies in Europe and beyond for a sustainable future.
24th March 2022
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We have published our Annual Report 2021, summarising our efforts over the past year to shape knowledge societies in Europe and beyond for a sustainable future.

In 2021, our association united 58 universities of Science and Technology (S&T) from 27 countries who employed over 96,000 academic staff, educated over 1,100,000 students and were awarded over €5 billion worth of European research funding. Our dynamic network supports our Members (i) to learn from each other, (ii) to advocate their contributions and interests and (iii) to inspire key debates.

During this past year we reviewed the strategic vision and direction of our association 2025 and advanced our adherence to six principles guiding our work:

  1. Defend scientific integrity, academic freedom and institutional autonomy;
  2. Safeguard equality, diversity and inclusion;
  3. Encourage cooperation amongst Members;
  4. Foster strategic partnerships; (v) balance ´as open as possible and as closed as necessary´;
  5. Adopt a global perspective.

For each of our areas of work, the report summarises the activities and deliverables of our bodies, with a particular view to highlighting the contribution of our association to shaping knowledge societies in Europe and beyond for a sustainable future.

President Rik Van de Walle said:

“Together with over 1,400 volunteers and leaders from our Members we explored and conceptualised the contribution of universities of Science and Technology (S&T) to ecological, economic and social Sustainability”

“Flexibility and inventiveness guided us to carry out our work plan together in these challenging times. Over the past two years, we have grown from strength to strength, and we thank the European institutions and our partners for advancing together.”

Secretary General David Bohmert said:

“2021 was conclusive in establishing our network as an international association of leading specialised and comprehensive universities of S&T that learn from each other, advocate and inspire debates. Our Members champion excellence in higher education, training, research and innovation, contribute to knowledge societies for a sustainable future and deliver significant scientific, economic, social and societal impact.

“All our Members excel in engineering and deliver key political and societal strategies and transformations to help tackle the tremendous local and global challenges of our times. Together with our Members, we look forward to continuing our active and constructive contributions and engagements at the regional, national, European and global levels.”

Read the full Annual Report 2021.

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