Celebrating progress on equality, diversity and inclusion across our association

On the occasion of the international day of women and girls in science (12 February) and international women's day (8 March), we are showcasing our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI).
8th February 2024
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Rooted in the 2019 Declaration, our association’s commitment to EDI is transversal to the work performed by all of our seven Task Forces.

The declaration includes the following wording:

“By 2023, we herewith collectively and individually commit to:

  1. increase gender balance in all decision-making levels and advisory boards to at least 30%;
  2. design, implement, monitor and evaluate dedicated policies and plans for equality, diversity and inclusion and implement concrete actions to accelerate them;
  3. Set institutional targets for gender equality at all levels in our institutions and monitor and communicate on the progress of achievement;
  4. promote a learning community of institutions to learn from each other about equality, diversity and inclusion;
  5. develop guidelines against discrimination at our institutions, including advice about dealing with unconscious bias and other sources of discriminatory behaviour;
  6. report on the achievement of these pledges to the general public by 2024.”

To deliver on the sixth commitment, a survey was conducted within our membership during 2023.

This survey, whose public summary will be made available in the next weeks, highlights the significant progress made by our Members on EDI with a fulfillment rate of 71.4% of the six commitments.

As we aim to set the stage for future progress and collaborative efforts across our Members, we wanted to take the time to celebrate those achievements.

As such, in the context of the international day of women and girls in science and international women's day, we will share interviews with some of our task force members on our social media and on our website. These interviews will focus on how their work within their respective task force is connected to EDI.

Stay tuned for the first interview!

For more information, contact Information & Communication Officer Justine Moynat.

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