Condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Our association strongly condemns the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and is alarmed and concerned by the suffering in Ukraine. We emphasise the urgent need for promoting peace and the rule of international law, and the importance of long-term bridge building.
3rd March 2022
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The invasion of Ukraine constitutes a grave violation of the Ukrainian people’s rights to peace, freedom, democracy, and territorial integrity. We condemn this unjustifiable action and the war in the strongest terms, and join the broader global community in calling for the immediate cessation of violence.

We are deeply alarmed and concerned about the suffering in Ukraine and express our solidarity, asserting our shared demand for peace and the rule of international law. We also commend the bravery of Russian academics and the wider populace who are expressing their opposition to war, and stating that this war is unjustifiable and a damaging endeavour for all sides.

Recalling the determining roles that science and technology have played in past wars, we underline the need to adhere to and pursue universal values such as sustainable peace, respect for the rule of law, human rights, democracy and freedom. This is needed to maintain and improve the ability of science and technology to open doors, build bridges across conflicts and help tackle local and global challenges.

Large-scale war in Europe urges us all to take action to end the suffering in Ukraine, and to defend and enforce peace and respect for the rule of international law. The ongoing debate on Europe’s global approach to cooperation in science and technology is crucial and we reaffirm our commitment and engagement as an active and constructive partner in this debate.

Rik Van de Walle (President of CESAER and Rector of Ghent University)

David Bohmert (Secretary General of CESAER)

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