Empowering excellence: European Universities Alliances as laboratories for success stories

In a position published today, our association provides key recommendations to shape the future of European Universities Alliances.
2nd July 2024
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The leading universities of science & technology united within CESAER published today a position ‘Empowering excellence: European Universities Alliances as laboratories for success stories’.

The position paper outlines guidance for the future of European Universities Alliances across three key dimensions:

  1. Enhance long-term vision and strategic priorities;
  2. Elaborate next steps and take forward the efforts of partner universities;
  3. Support Alliances from the local to global level.

"We are at a pivotal time to determine the future path of the European Universities Alliances. The competitiveness and leadership of Europe in science and technology is greatly facilitated by transnational collaboration in education, research, and innovation. The Alliances offer a unique opportunity for universities to excel in this area."

-- Orla Feely (President of CESAER and President of University College Dublin)

"European University Alliances are crucial for advancing excellence in education, research, and innovation across Europe. These Alliances enable universities to collaborate more deeply, sharing knowledge and resources to achieve common goals. Securing sustainable financial support across all university missions is vital to unlock the transformative potential of these Alliances."

-- Roberto Zanino (Director of CESAER, Co-Chair of Task Force Learning & Teaching and Rector's Senior Advisor for International University Networks at Politecnico di Torino)

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