Equality Survey 2018 outlines best practices

CESAER has conducted an Equality Survey 2018, which collected data on gender equality and diversity at our Member institutions.
6th September 2019
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The Equality Survey 2018 - which followed up on our Gender Equality Survey 2014 - re-framed the earlier study to include an additional section on diversity. The resulting white paper presents a wealth of activities and a broad spectrum of target dimensions, strategic Gender Equality Plans and Diversity Plans at universities of science and technology.

The best practice examples from our Member institutions are published in a separate accompanying document showing that good approaches do exist. However, these best practices have not been found to be sufficient to ensure equal participation. The aim is to make human resources professionals and change agents aware of the continued importance of gender and diversity management within a comprehensive change management process towards a culture of inclusion for all.

Strong and continued engagement at all levels is needed to seize the momentum of change. It is therefore essential to stress the importance of universities of science and technology as trainers for the leaders of tomorrow: if they master this challenge, change will be possible for society as a whole. University leaders, guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, must push their organisations to become role models and yardsticks for benchmarking.

The following persons of the RWTH Aachen University have been crucial in writing this white paper ad personam, and we thank them warmly.

  • Manuela Aye
  • Katrin Feldmann
  • Doris Klee (Chair)
  • Hannah Kreisel
  • Nathalie Wolf

Read the full white paper here and the examples of best practices here.

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