Europe needs to boost the quality of research and innovation jobs, says CESAER Envoy Manuel Heitor

"EU initiatives have increased the number of young researchers and innovators, but without proper career structures and security of employment this talent pool could drain away" says Manuel Heitor for Science Business.
3rd August 2023
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Manuel Heitor, CESAER Envoy on Research Careers, in his viewpoint for Science Business argues that despite the growing pool of talent, the quality of research and innovation jobs in Europe has not kept pace, leading to precarious situations for many young researchers. While the number of research jobs has increased, their quality remains a concern. In the op-ed, he calls for Europe to boost the quality of research and innovation jobs, with a focus on recognising and supporting research activity and developing new assessment methodologies. He also points to recommendations provided in our recent position ‘Supporting modern and stable research careers in Europe’.

In the article, Heitor suggests that Europe must critically evaluate its role in the global landscape and establish frameworks to foster diversified research careers. It also stresses the importance of open monitoring and reporting systems to track progress in employment conditions. The aim is to effectively improve access to high-quality research careers across the European Research Area, promoting collaborative ventures between research institutions and industry or government.

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