New Junior Advisor for Research in the Secretariat!

​Vincent Klein Ikkink has been appointed as CESAER’s Junior Advisor for Research.
5th April 2024
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Vincent graduated with a masters’ degree International Relations in Historical Perspective at the University of Utrecht. His academic interests revolve around political rhetoric and political conflict.

Vincent joins us from the Netherlands house for Education and Research. Here, he was responsible for collecting relevant policy information, writing articles related to R&I policy developments, creating a weekly newsletter on EU health policy and writing a research report. The research report revolved around the increasing relevance of the European Defence Fund, its synergies with Horizon Europe and the topic of dual-use technology.

Aside from his studies and professional experience, Vincent has also been involved in various extracurricular activities. In 2021, he spent an extracurricular semester at our Member Lund University to study Swedish history, Swedish social policy and the Swedish language. He also co-wrote a consultancy report about the reversal of SDG progress in Sub-Sahara Africa for the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

In his free time, Vincent likes to wander in museums, working out, and exploring the nature that Brussels and its surrounding areas have to offer.

Vincent is keen on helping S&T universities to navigate through the various pressures they face, such as the increasing importance of knowledge security and its tension with open science, the erosion of academic freedom and the politicisation of EU research policy.

At the conclusion of his introduction week, Vincent said:

“The research which the Members conduct will be crucial for the twin transition and the creation of knowledge societies. S&T research will also play a vital role in helping to navigate other global and European challenges which currently exist, such as the (over) politicisation of R&I activities. Multidisciplinarity, a shift towards long-term prioritisation, increased stability of the budgets and putting researchers more in the driver’s seat will be crucial to overcome these issues.”

“As Junior Advisor for Research within CESAER’s Secretariat, I look forward to supporting our Members in their commitment and contributions to the future of science and technology and a more resilient Europe.”

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