New President calls for revitalised European Research Area

The 32nd General Assembly today elected Rik Van de Walle (Rector of Ghent University) as our new President and five Directors complementing the Board to twelve Directors. It also adopted a position on the future of the European Research Area (ERA).
18th October 2019
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We call for a revitalisation of the ERA by leveraging past achievements reinforcing the narrative. We urge that the ERA remains on focused on research, and promotes open science, peace, prosperity and sustainable development. We plea for the assurance of favourable framework conditions underpinning all areas of action of ERA, such as academic freedom, institutional autonomy, sufficient funding, social security and immigration.

Rik Van de Walle said “The efforts put into ERA’s foundations in the last decennia have brought some strong achievements. To make ERA even more impactful, a broader and more coherent approach is needed. Its revitalisation will undoubtedly benefit Europe and the world at large allowing European research to contribute to solutions to societal challenges.

"It is essential to shape policies positioning European researchers, scientific knowledge and technology globally, through a focus on solving the grand societal challenges and contributing to ecological, economic and social sustainability."

“We welcome the renewed impetus on the ERA at national and European levels. To unleash its full impact, we need to implement it at the institutional level and ensure a leading role for European science and technology in the world. We encourage the new Commissioner-designate Mariya Gabriel, to fully exploit the last task from her mission letter: not only maximise the international cooperation but be truly outward looking” stated David Bohmert, CESAER Secretary-General.

Van de Walle was elected for a two year term from 2020 to 2021 and will chair a newly elected Board 2020-2021 composed of twelve Directors:

Sitting Directors 2018-2021

  • Instituto Superior Técnico: Arlindo Manuel Limede de Oliveira (President)
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: Thomas Hirth (Vice President for Innovation and International Affairs)
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm: Mikael Östling (Deputy President)
  • Technion - Israel Institute of Technology: representative to be appointed
  • Delft University of Technology: Karel Luyben (Rector Magnificus Emeritus)
  • University College Dublin: Orla Feely (Vice President for Research, Innovation and Impact)
  • University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest: Mihnea Costoiu (President)

Newly elected Directors 2020-2023

  • Aalborg University: Henrik Pedersen (Dean Faculty of IT & Design)
  • Politecnico di Torino: Roberto Zanino (Rector’s Delegate for European Relations)
  • Tomsk University of Technology: Liliya Kiryanova (Vice-Rector for External Affairs)
  • Université Paris-Saclay: Marc Zolver (Vice-President for International Affairs CentraleSupélec)
  • University of Strathclyde: Tim Bedford (Associate Principal Research & Knowledge Exchange)

We extend our great gratitude for the outstanding leadership the our outgoing President, Sir Jim McDonald (Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of Strathclyde). Under his leadership, we embarked upon an ambitious two-year work plan aimed at the acceleration of the assoctiation’s development, engagement with external bodies and collaboration between Members.

Sir Jim McDonald, said: “It has been an honour and a privilege to have served as President of CESAER. As Europe’s leading association of universities of science and technology, it is an outstanding example of how international collaboration can make major impacts on society and the economy through excellent science, research and education.

“Strathclyde is proud of our membership and I look forward to a continued collaboration both with CESAER and the other sister national academies in Europe.”

The four years term of the Czech Technical University in Prague, ETH Zurich, Kaunas University of Technology, Université Paris-Saclay, Technical University of Madrid and Warsaw University of Technology terminated with the election and we warmly thank the following Members and individuals, who served in the Board 2018-2019 as Directors 2016-2019:

  • Czech Technical University in Prague: Vojtěch Petráček (Rector)
  • ETH Zurich: Anders Hagström (Director of Global Educational Affairs)
  • Technical University of Madrid: Guillermo Cisneros Perez (Rector)
  • Warsaw University of Technology: Rajmund Bacewicz (Prorector for Research)

Read the full position on the Future of the ERA here.

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