New workbook supports institutional strategies for modern research careers

Our association has recently hosted a workshop which has contributed to the development of a new workbook on analysing institutional conditions and progress indicators around academic assessment and promotion of sustainable research cultures.
22nd July 2022
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In a recent workshop organised jointly by our association and the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), participants explored the SPACE rubric developed by DORA to support institutional development around academic assessment and to promote sustainable research cultures.

The workshop provided new tools for our Members to take stock of and advance their own institutional strategy and progress for evolving academic assessment, and is also feeding into the broader European context around reforming research assessment.

As a follow-up and outcome from the feedback provided during the workshop, DORA has now prepared a workbook for use with the SPACE rubric.

Briefly, the workbook has a page for each of the five dimensions intended for use together with the SPACE rubric. These pages can be completed independently or in groups to capture specific aspects of current, anticipated, and aspirational institutional capabilities with regard to research assessment reform.

Each page also contains illustrative examples of the kinds of activities and behaviours that might be relevant for the Foundational, Expansion, and Scaling phases.

At the end of the document there is a Next Steps page, which provides space for capturing specific, tangible actions that can help move efforts forward and capture existing momentum.

Deputy Secretary General, Mattias Björnmalm, said:

“Supporting modern research careers is high on our association’s agenda, therefore, our association is delighted to have contributed ideas and feedback to this DORA workbook.”

For more information please contact our Deputy Secretary General, Mattias Björnmalm.


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