Secretariat moves to House Jerusalem

The Secretariat has moved to a renovated house in the Arenberg campus of KU Leuven.
12th July 2019
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The new home of the Secretariat is House Jerusalem, a 170 m² building located in the picturesque leafy Arenberg Campus of KU Leuven, a short walk from our previous offices.

First built in 1720 in de Mechelsestraat, it was demolished in 1920 and rebuilt in 1940 as the gatehouse to the Arenberg castle. House Jerusalem is being completely renovated to provide a brand new home and distinct identity for our association. Whilst work on the outside of the building will continue throughout the summer, the inside has been finished and the move was completed earlier this week.

On the upper floor, the building includes two office spaces for the staff, and downstairs there will be meeting spaces, conference call facilities, and a kitchen.

We look forward to welcoming you to our premises, including our Task Force Competitive Funding who will meet in Leuven on 27th August.

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