Sophie Ratcliff promoted to Advisor for Higher Education

The Secretariat is delighted to announce that Sophie Ratcliff has been promoted to Advisor for Higher Education, supporting Task Force Learning & Teaching and Task Force Benchmark.
30th October 2023
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The Secretariat is pleased to announce that Sophie Ratcliff has been promoted to Advisor for Higher Education as of 1 October after joining as Junior Advisor for Higher Education on 1 January 2023. During the past months, she has been actively working with the European higher education sector and our Members, on topics including European University Alliances, rankings, Engineer of the Future, and our association’s Student Challenge 2023. In addition to supporting these task forces, Sophie is deeply committed to the broader goal of bridging science and global governance.

Sophie holds a Masters’ degree in international relations and political science from the Geneva Graduate Institute. Prior to joining the Secretariat, she worked on Western Balkan politics at the Embassy of Switzerland in Kosovo and started her involvement in science policy at l’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie. Beyond her professional commitments, Sophie still engages remotely in volunteer activities and acts as Secretary General of Lyoxa, a consulting platform helping volunteer organisations.

“As I navigate the EU policy bubble, I see every day the imperative to advocate for our Members and work towards making scientific excellence, up-to-date higher education and responsible innovation the highest priorities of the European Union and its member states” Sophie said.

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