Strengthen dual-use technologies by enhancing EU defence funding

In a position published today, our association provides guidance for the role of dual-use technologies in EU funding programmes to boost resilience, security and defence capabilities in Europe.
30th April 2024
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The leading universities of science & technology united within CESAER published today a position providing strategic recommendations on the role of dual-use technologies in EU funding programmes to boost resilience, security and defence capabilities in Europe.

The recommendations in the position are elaborated along two dimensions:

  • ensuring Horizon Europe and its successor continue to excel in advancing research and innovation excellence;
  • enhancing the European Defence Fund to strengthen dual-use technologies.

The strategic guidance provided merges the optimal aspects of the current situation for how Horizon Europe works, with significant enhancements that go beyond the status quo, including by leveraging the European Defence Fund. This approach is fully cognisant of the immediate actions required to adapt to the evolving geopolitical landscape.

“The evolving geopolitical environment, and its implications for advanced science and technology, poses fresh challenges. European science and technology universities are adapting to these changes and contributing to enhancing societal resilience and security, primarily through excellence in research, education, and innovation. Horizon Europe sets a global standard in this area through its engagement of the full continent and beyond leading to advances at the cutting-edge of science and technology. It is crucial to ensure that FP10 can continue making this vital contribution.”

-- Orla Feely (President of CESAER and President of University College Dublin)

“A range of universities of science & technology across Europe have a long experience of active engagement in defence-related activities, encompassing research, education, and innovation. Experience shows that these activities need a distinct approach and processes compared to regular civilian operations. However, when executed correctly, these activities can successfully coexist with the core mission of universities as the only societal entities that combine research, innovation, and education at the highest level.

Crucially, this does not suggest a merger of civilian and defence activities. Instead, maintaining separate approaches and judiciously creating opportunities for synergies foster advancement in both areas. Drawing from experiences with the European Defence Fund, there is a clear opportunity to further develop dual-use and defence-related technologies to boost defence capabilities in Europe, as detailed in the position published today.”

-- Mattias Björnmalm (Secretary General of CESAER)

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