Supporting the ‘Stick to Science’ week of action

Our association calls upon everyone to support the ‘Stick to Science’ campaign for continued cooperation of Switzerland and the United Kingdom in European research programmes.
4th April 2022
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The strong and united voice of universities of science and technology reiterates its support for the ‘Stick to Science’ campaign which calls on the EU institutions and the British and Swiss governments to ensure continued research collaboration in Europe.

From 4 to 8 April, the ‘Stick to Science’ campaign is holding a week of action, which aims to highlight the benefits of UK and Swiss scientific collaboration with the EU and encourages supporters to reach out directly to political leaders who have the power to make a change.

Our association has supported this call by providing a communication of the campaign and our support to all our Members and supporters. Additionally, we continue to promote the campaign and its aims in our communications and representations, and have launched our support for the week of action with an op-ed from our Secretary General in Research Europe.

Anyone is encouraged to support the campaign by:

  • Signing up as a supporting organisation and individual;
  • Tweeting support with the #sticktoscience campaign, mention @cesaer_SnT and we will retweet;
  • Writing a letter to representatives in the EU, Swiss and UK;
  • Following the week of action campaign ideas available here.

For more information please contact our Communication & Outreach Officer, Gary Paterson

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