The European Research Area needs a reboot argues CESAER Secretary General Mattias Björnmalm

"We are currently on a trajectory where ERA and its Forum is moving towards a-little-bit-of-everything done according to an if-you-feel-like-it approach. Now is the time to adjust course and realign" explains Mattias Björnmalm for Science Business.
22nd November 2023
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“Way too many!” This was the reaction of many in the European Research Area (ERA) Forum when over 40 new actions were pitched for the 2025 - 2027 policy agenda – adding to the 20 actions previously agreed for the 2022 - 2024 agenda.

Alongside the slew of actions, the subgroups dealing with the current actions are being pushed to elaborate how they see their work translating over to 2025 – 2027. In this avalanche of technical detail, the underlying strategy is in danger of getting buried. It is time to stand back from technical minutiae, take in the bigger picture and reboot argues our Secretary General Mattias Björnmalm.

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