The UK returns to Horizon Europe and Copernicus

It was announced this morning that the United Kingdom will rejoin Horizon Europe. We warmly welcome this new development for the world of research and innovation.
7th September 2023
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The European Commission and the United Kingdom have come today to a significant political agreement: the UK is set to rejoin Horizon Europe and Copernicus.

Starting on 1 January 2024, researchers and organisations in the UK will enjoy equal footing with their EU counterparts in Horizon Europe. This inclusive approach grants access to funding, enabling the UK to participate in a global network of researchers and innovators dedicated to tackling pressing challenges.

The reintegration of the United Kingdom into Horizon Europe and Copernicus reaffirms the commitment of both the EU and the UK to advancing global scientific excellence. As we celebrate this achievement, we also look forward to further progress in the international scientific community, with hopes for the accession of Switzerland.

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