Universities of science & technology underline their responsibility and willingness to advance contributions to sustainability

Our General Assembly today adopted a ‘Declaration on contributions of universities of science and technology to sustainability’.
20th October 2023
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During its thirty-seventh ordinary meeting, our General Assembly unanimously adopted a declaration on ‘contributions of universities of science and technology to sustainability’.

With this declaration, the 58 universities of Science and Technology (S&T) united within CESAER underline their responsibility and willingness to advance their contributions to sustainability. The conceptual foundation for this declaration is provided in the accompanying white paper ‘Leading by example: Boosting sustainability through good governance adopted by universities of science & technology’.

Universities have unique societal roles and responsibilities. With its six key principles and nineteen actions, the declaration is a firm commitment from CESAER Members to achieve sustainability that is ecologically sound, socially just and economically fair. The association commits to showcase and evaluate progress made no later than 2028.

Guillermo Cisneros Pérez, Director of CESAER, Chair of Task Force Sustainability & Rector of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid said:

“This declaration is the culmination of several years of work with the Members of this association and is a testament of our commitment as leaders of universities of science and technology, to further contribute to sustainability and lead by example. I look forward to working with the CESAER membership and beyond to implement the declaration and further advance our contributions to sustainability.”

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