Shalini Kurapati

Shalini Kurapati is the co-founder of Clearbox AI solutions. With her multi-disciplinary expertise at the intersection of Technology, Policy and Management, Shalini leads the strategy, operations and business development at Clearbox AI. Before Clearbox AI, she successfully co-founded an AI consultancy in the Netherlands and was in the pilot team of the data stewardship project at TU Delft. She currently holds an adjunct fellowship in Open Science and RDM at Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

Shalini comes from a strong research background and is an expert of data management, data privacy and data stewardship. During her past experience as a data steward she worked on the transparency, privacy and fairness issues across data life cycles. She is now translating her experience to fairness and transparency of ML algorithms.

She has wide ranging international professional experience in the Netherlands, Sweden, India and United States. She is an effective communicator and can engage with both technical and non-technical audiences. She worked as a freelance journalist for the Times of India, the largest circulating English newspaper in India. Shalini has also been invited to speak at conferences on research data management and transparency of data life cycles across Europe.

She earned her PhD from TU Delft, the Netherlands with a focus on situation awareness, information processing and decision making in complex socio-technical systems. She is also a Certified Informational Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) with a demonstrable knowledge of GDPR and European e-Privacy laws. Shalini firmly believes that AI can add tremendous value to society as long as the human is still in the loop.

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