Task Force Benchmark

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Mission, scope and objectives

The Task Force Benchmark supports and inspires our Members optimising depiction of performance in important rankings and sharing experiences on and data from metrics and rankings issues. It reflects on how society perceives universities (not at least through rankings), as well as how universities would like to be perceived - and work on recommendations on what data could be used to influence and shape these images and corresponding perceptions.

The Task Force Benchmark has the following objectives:

  • Address rankings and next generation metrics, and constructively engaging with stakeholders to promote the understanding of the positive impact of science and technology on society;
  • Foster strategic relationships through collaborating with academic and societal players, including rankers, the European institutions and other university associations;
  • Collect and disseminate tools, resources, best practices and experiences concerning both rankings and the metrics in them as well as next generation metrics;
  • Support our Members and association in knowing how and what to measure and in developing a persuasive evidence base for institutional development and policy making.

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