Task Force Benchmark

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Mission, scope and objectives

  1. Engagement with Ranking Agencies (THE and QS): define and develop strategic lines (e.g. transparency and fairness in rankings) to engage with ranking agencies; establish regular communication channels to provide our Members’ feedback and concerns on updates on the methodologies. 

  2. EHESO, European Universities Alliances and COARA: influence the further development and implementation of the European Higher Education Sector Observatory; explore and contribute to defining how alliances’ performances will be evaluated and benchmarked; discuss implementation of recommendations from the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment and its consequences for benchmarking. 

  3. Peer-learning: foster formal and informal peer-learning opportunities among our Members and promote an internal transparency and collaborative culture; share information about national science evaluation systems; compare how scientific institutions are evaluated in individual countries (e.g., based on which metrics, whether peer review is used, what is the impact on funding); share good practice of internal evaluations of science at individual universities (evaluations at the level of faculties, individual scientific groups/institutes, individuals) and of methods of benchmarking and rankings analysis. 

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