Task Force Human Resources

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Mission, scope and objectives

The Task Force Human Resources 2022-2023 addresses the following three main themes: 

  1. Digital transformation in HR: including supporting digital HR skills both for staff working with HR but also for HR services to effectively support professionals ‘coming back’ to university for up-skilling related to digitalisation and science and technology, especially in relation to recovery and resilience;

  2. Supporting diverse and modern academic careers: including academic appointments, research culture, intersectoral mobility and ‘porosity’ in academia (researchers being able to move in and out between universities, industry, and broader society) and modernising corresponding recruitment and rewards instruments for researchers, research infrastructure managers and research engineers;

  3. Realising the EDI Pledges, conduct EDI survey 2023 (follow-up from Equality survey 2018) and report on pledges by 2024.

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