Task Force Human Resources

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Mission, scope and objectives

The Task Force Human Resources:

  • Explores influences of digital transformation on studying and working, including the future of work and lifelong learning, for academic and non-academic professions, and for gender equality;
  • Supports our Members in implementing the pledges from our Declaration on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion through the collection and exchange of best practices;
  • Supports our Members in their work around ethics, integrity and compliance;
  • Promote the sharing of best practices in recruitment and rewards systems to promote uptake of open science approaches (with support from Task Force Open Science);
  • Oversees the boosting of the visibility of and participation in the Staff & Knowledge Exchange;
  • Promotes best practices and sharing of experiences in the ‘Human Resources Strategy for Researchers’ and the related ‘HR Excellence in Research Award’;
  • Encourages cooperation amongst Members.

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