Task Force Innovation

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Mission, scope and objectives

The Task Force Innovation 2022-2023 covers innovation as part of the missions of Members and addresses the following three main themes:

  1. Support the development of sustainable (regional) innovation ecosystems in and around universities of S&T, and advocate to shape European innovation policies, strategies (especially towards the European institutions) and EU funding instruments in close collaboration with  the Task Force Sustainability and the Task Force Sustainable Funding in relation to ‘Pillar III - Innovative Europe’ under Horizon Europe;

  2. Explore the evolving model of engagement of PhD candidates at universities of S&T with industry and other societal partners, to ensure societal engagement of innovation efforts and talents and boost disruptive innovation;

  3. Work together with the Task Force Openness of Science & Technology in relation to innovation aspects of global S&T cooperation and engagement  and ensuring suitable balance between ‘open and closed’ also with non-academic partners.

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