Task Force Innovation

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Mission, scope and objectives

  1. Key technologies and their ethical applications: building on previous conference and statement, explore the various applications of emerging key technologies, particularly AI. How universities of S&T work with industry on AI and how they can best deal with ethical and broader non-technical issues in the way they collaborate.

  2. Entrepreneurship: learn from each other and create an understanding on how to best foster innovation skills and entrepreneurial mindset in young researchers and especially under-represented groups such as women. Explore how universities of S&T can be entrepreneurial hubs who foster research, innovation and deep tech talent, linking also to COARA. 

  3. Innovation ecosystems: Support the development of sustainable (regional) innovation ecosystems in and around universities of S&T, including impact for industries, and advocate to shape European innovation policies, strategies (especially towards the EU institutions) and EU funding instruments in close collaboration with the Task Force Sustainable Funding in relation to ‘Pillar III - Innovative Europe’ under Horizon Europe. 

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