Task Force Learning & Teaching

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Mission, scope and objectives

The Task Force Learning & Teaching supports our Members in realising the EEA and the EHEA with particular attention to accreditation, new forms of learning and teaching, lifelong learning, STEAM education.

The Task Force Learning & Teaching realises the following objectives:

  • Address European education policies and constructively engage with policy makers and other stakeholders on these topics, provide support where required for national representations;
  • Promote inter- or transdisciplinary approach in teaching and learning of STEM subjects, advocate the development of the EU STEAM Agenda;
  • Address the opportunities for S&T universities to provide continuous education and professional development, and up-skilling opportunities, in line with demands of business, industry, public services and society at large;
  • Encourage cooperation amongst Members and promote learning through sharing best practice and organising events;
  • Support international partnerships for education and training, and mobility of students and teachers;
  • Foster strategic relationships with academic and societal players;
  • Defend academic freedom and institutional autonomy.

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