Cost of STEAM Education

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Mission, scope and objectives

The Task Force Cost of STEAM Education will create an influential voice on behalf of the Members, enabling us to lobby and influence effectively as a group towards policy-makers and funders at the heart of European decision-making, and providing support where required for national representations.

The Task Force Cost of STEAM Education will realise the following objectives:

  1. collect, analyse and disseminate data on funding streams and mechanisms for STEAM subjects necessary to meet the full costs and map the developments at national level;
  2. speak with a clear voice to influence the (European) policy agenda, highlighting concerns of our members, and constructively engaging with policy makers to understand the positive impact of S&T on our society;
  3. further our strategic cooperation with learned societies and other stakeholders
  4. further the credibility and impact of our association through more pro-active agenda-setting and advocacy in national, European and international fora by delivering informed, relevant and timely interventions. This will provide our Members with evidence-based arguments and the authority to speak to a variety of players at all levels.

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