Human Resources

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Mission, scope and objectives

The Task Force Human Resources inspires our Members in preparing and promoting talent for the 21st century through sharing best practice and organising events and training.

It will realise the following objectives:

  1. translate the insights from S&T for the 21st century into recommendations for human resources and the leadership of our Members;
  2. address HRS4R, careers of young academics and equality and constructively engage with policy makers and other stakeholders on these topics;
  3. collaborate closely with relevant academic and societal players such as the European Commission, the learning societies, other university associations and the broader research communities on these topics;
  4. provide pro-active agenda-setting and advocacy in national, European and international fora by delivering informed, relevant and timely interventions such as papers;
  5. gather resources, mechanisms and tools on human resources and make these accessible through workshops within our ‘Knowledge Base’;
  6. promote talent through sharing best practice, organising events and offering the CESAER Professional Week as a staff exchange (training) programme opened up to all support staff;
  7. collect, analyse and disseminate practices concerning the contribution of our Members to the UN SDG.

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