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Mission, scope and objectives

The Task Force Open Science will advance the understanding and implementation of open science by our Members (researchers and support staff), with particular attention to Open Access (OA) to scientific publications and Research Data Management (RDM). The task force also contributes to the development of open science in Europe.

While focusing on RDM and OA, the task force will monitor the broader developments in open science, liaise with other relevant task forces on open education and open innovation and voice the interests of our Members.

The Task Force Open Science identified the following four objectives:

  1. address open science and constructively engage with policy makers and other stakeholders on these topics;
  2. collaborate closely with relevant academic and societal players such as the European University Association (EUA), European Commission and the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP);
  3. provide pro-active agenda-setting and advocacy in national, European and international fora by delivering informed, relevant and timely interventions such as papers;
  4. promote talent - i.e. researchers, teachers, support staff and leaders - through sharing best practice and organising events and training on open science.

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