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Mission, scope and objectives

The Task Force Infrastructures will support our Members in affirming and furthering the role of S&T universities in research and innovation infrastructures.

The Task Force Infrastructures will:

  1. continue to promote a fundamental and conceptual understanding of the roles of the Members in research and innovation infrastructures;
  2. promote a fundamental and conceptual understanding of the role of Research and Innovation infrastructures for S&T universities, namely their role for research, innovation and education;
  3. provide a deeper understanding of University based research and innovation infrastructures for interdisciplinary research and disruptive innovation;
  4. act as a pool of experts to proactively influence the European policies and programmes for RI, including safeguarding the interests of the Members in LTS RI;
  5. safeguard the interests of the Members in the development of the EOSC and support our Vice President Karel Luyben in his participation in the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP);
  6. provide guidance on needs and training of RII managers and technicians.

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