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Mission, scope and objectives

The Task Force S&T Education for the 21st Century will support our Members in assuring human capital in S&T for the 21st century, ensuring employability of our graduates and improving career development of S&T graduates.

The task force will realise the following objectives:

  1. translate and apply the insights from S&T in the 21stcentury to learning & teaching;
  2. address the human capital in S&T for 21stcentury, interdisciplinary curricula and continuous education and professional development;
  3. collaborate closely with academic and societal players, notably other university associations, the learned societies, the European Commission, business and industry;
  4. further the credibility and impact of our association through more pro-active agenda-setting and advocacy in national, European and international fora by delivering informed, relevant and timely interventions;
  5. promote talent - i.e. graduates, researchers, teachers, support staff and leaders.

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