Building the strong and united voice - Annual Report 2019

Our Annual Report 2019 summarises our continued and consistent development as the the strong and united voice of universities of science & technology in Europe.
31st March 2020
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We have published our Annual Report 2019, which summarises our continued and consistent development as the the strong and united voice of universities of Science & Technology (S&T) in Europe.

In 2019 our dynamic network united over fifty universities of S&T from twenty six countries who employed over 88,000 academic staff, educated over 1,000,000 students and were awarded over €3.1billion worth of European research projects. The University of Belgrade joined as a new Member, adding further strength as one of the largest academic institutions in southeast Europe.

Through regular and constructive dialogue and engagement with European institutions and stakeholders, and our publications- with special attention to our position on shaping the future of the European Research Area - we advocate on behalf of our Members.

We published white papers on ´Universities of S&T as engines of excellence, talent and innovation´ and our ‘Equality Survey 2018’, and a discussion paper on ´S&T education for twenty-first century Europe´. These texts were to inspire our Members and beyond.

Our General Assembly adopted a Declaration on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, in which our Members pledge to seize and accelerate the momentum to increase awareness and overcome internal resistance.

We express our warmest gratitude to Sir Jim McDonald (Principal & Vice-Chancellor of University of Strathclyde) as our President from 2018 to 2019 and his team, who were pivotal in advancing our association to the next level.

“2019 overall marked a new and optimistic drive for Europe, our association and the Secretariat. We warmly thank the over 600 volunteers and leaders from our Members for the continous efforts and support and our partners and colleauges from the European institutions and other stakeholder organiations for their engagement with us”, says David Bohmert (Secretary General).

Read the full Annual Report 2019.

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