Interdisciplinarity for the Net-Zero Transition: the Perspectives of Universities and Research Organisations

Universities and research organisations call for more collaboration and working together towards net-zero transition.
26th April 2023
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On 20 April, our association together with Science Europe co-organised a webinar ‘Acting together for net-zero: the role of research organisations’ to launch the joint report ‘Interdisciplinarity for the Net-Zero Transition (see recording below). The perspectives of universities and research organisations’. This event was the occasion to present contributions of other networks to sustainability and join forces along our Call to Action jointly launched with the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN), Science Europe, and the University of Strathclyde back in 2021.

Nicola Francesco Dotti (Senior Policy Officer for the green and digital transitions at Science Europe) and Louise Drogoul (Advisor for Innovation & Sustainability at CESAER) presented the key points of the report and key elements discussed at the symposium 'Interdisciplinarity for the Net-Zero Transition', organised on 3 November 2022 in the lead-up to COP27 (see slides).

They were then joined by Astrid Eichhorn (Associate Professor at University of Southern Denmark and Chair of the ALLEA working group on “Climate Sustainability in the Academic System”) who presented their report ‘Climate Sustainability in the Academic Sector’ (see slides).

Finally , Martin Farley (Co-Founder and Coordinator of the SELS-Network, and responsible for the LEAF initiative at the University College of London) introduced the European Sustainable Laboratories Network (SELS-Network) and the LEAF initiative (see slides).

Along the key messages of our joint report, all speakers agreed on the need to act together for the net-zero transition and for sustainability, foster and promote interdisciplinarity, lead by example and reinforce science policy interactions.

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