‘Progress on Open Science: Towards a Shared Research Knowledge System’ - Final OSPP report published

In this video article, we catch up with Karel Luyben, our association's representative to the Open Science Policy Platform, to discuss the recent report.
16th July 2020
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The Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) was formed in 2016 with the objective to advise the European Commission and act as a consulting body for all European open science policy and the further development and practical implementation of the European open science policy agenda.

Our association has been represented from the start through Karel Luyben who is one of our Directors and also the Chair of our Task Force Open Science.

In 2018, the OSPP published the influential ‘Open Science Policy Platform Recommendations’ (OSPP-REC) report which provided general and specific recommendations towards the full implementation of open science.

This spring, the OSPP published its follow-up and final report ‘Progress on Open Science: Towards a Shared Research Knowledge System’ which takes stock of the progress over the last two years, and provides recommendations for the next steps.

To get a better understanding of the report, its impact and the recommendations, our Advisor for Research & Innovation Mattias Björnmalm caught up with Karel Luyben. The conversation was structured around the following five questions:

  1. What is this report about?
  2. What are the main findings?
  3. Are there any surprising findings?
  4. What should our association do in light of this report?
  5. What should leaders and experts at our Members do in light of this report?

The full conversation is available in the video below (6 min).

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