CESAER suspends membership of Tomsk Polytechnic University

Our Board has suspended the membership of Tomsk Polytechnic University with immediate effect for having committed an infringement of the common values of our association following its stated support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
8th March 2022
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Our Board found the statement dated 4 March 2022 in which rectors of state universities in the Russian Federation align with the Russian regime deeply problematic and in breach of the values our association stands for, even if rectors were coerced to sign it.

As the acting rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University has also signed this statement, our Board has suspended the membership of this university of science and technology in the CESAER Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif (AISBL) with immediate effect for having committed an infringement of the common values of our association, resulting in the loss of mutual trust and confidence in line with article 4.5 of our Articles of Association. This suspension is temporarily until Tomsk Polytechnic University is compliant again with the universal values our association stands for.

Commenting on these developments, President Rik Van de Walle said:

“This statement from the Russian Rectors' Union, is extremely problematic. I cannot believe this is the sincere opinion of all rectors involved. Yet at the same time we cannot accept statements like this. Cooperating with universities or other institutions that, forced or not, place themselves or are placed at the service of the Russian president, the Russian regime and/or the Russian army, is simply impossible.

Consequently, the statement of The Russian Rectors' Union cannot but lead to the suspension of cooperation with the institutions concerned. I am encouraging Russian and other academics to speak out against war and to continue to advocate academic freedom.”

Secretary General David Bohmert said:

“We condemn the invasion of Ukraine by Russia in the strongest terms, and are concerned by the suffering in Ukraine. Universal values are fundamental to maintaining and improving the ability of universities of science and technology to open doors, build bridges across conflicts and help tackle local and global challenges.

This war requires us all to take action to end the suffering in Ukraine, and to defend and enforce peace and the rule of international law. We commend the bravery of those Russians who oppose this war. With a view on the long-term bridge building, we will maintain an open dialogue and exchange at the personal level.”

For more information and enquiries, please contact David Bohmert (Secretary General).

Statement by Russian Union of Rectors dated 4 March 2022

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