Implementing Gender Equality Plans

The Task Force Human Resources met with speakers and selected guests for a workshop on ‘Implementing Gender Equality Plans (GEP) at universities of S&T’ on 29 March 2019 kindly hosted by Politecnico di Torino.
2nd April 2019
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Claudia Di Giorgi (Vice Rector for Quality, Welfare and Equal Opportunities at PoliTo) presented PoliTo as a university reshaping itself in a city of a rapidly shrinking population and introduced the crucial role women therein.

Arianna Montorsi (PoliTo) summarised twenty years of policies and initiatives at PoliTo, reported about the striking differences in gender balance between architecture and engineering at PoliTo and presented the new impetus for diversity at PoliTo.

Mina Stareva (Head Sector Gender at European Commission) outlined the rich political context of gender equality, reported on the momentum for this topic given the 20th anniversary of the first communication on women in science and the programming of this topic in Horizon Europe, presented the SHE Figures 2018 and advised to commit at the highest levels and to come towards concrete actions.

Paola Inverardi (Rector of Università degli Studi dell’Aquila) described that gender issues must be viewed within their geographical, social, cultural and legal contexts, reported on the state of implementation of gender equality at Italian universities and warned from the very low number of females in comuter science and the threat of losing women out on the job market.

Brigitte Ratzer (Coordinator Gender Equality in Engineering through Communication and Commitment - GEECCO - Project at TU Wien) presented the GEECCO project and highlighted 1) focussing on decision making processes and bodies, 2) focussing on recruitment, career development of female researchers and female staff members and 3) gender dimension in education and research as three important topics for the structures of GEP.

Heidi Christensen (Senior Lecturer Diversity and Equality Champion at University of Sheffield) presented Athena - Scientific Women Academic Network (SWAN) as a government initiative whereby universities sign up to a charter and might get rewarded an award.

Gülsün Sağlamer (President of European Women Rectors Association) summarised the challenges to women in STEM and at universities of science and technology and highlighted the role of leadership in promoting gender equality.

Doris Klee (Vice-Rector at RWTH Aachen and Chair of Task Force Human Resources) explained why there is a need to extend the concept to diversity and explained the importance of commitment of the university leadership.

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